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Ladies and Gentlemen,


            Thank you for your interest in our offer.

 We are a manufacturer of furniture, lamps, vases and interior design decorations in art deco style.

Our lamps are made of brass.

Special attention must be given to the product quality.Each soldering or connection of elements is awarded perfect appearance.

We offer lamps with finishing of:

- chromium

- nickel

- gilded

- silvered

- lacquered brass

- distressed brass.


In the standard version, lamps feature E-27 or E-14 casings.  It is also possible to use other light sources (e.g. LED, fluorescent lamps).

In many models, we use glass rods.Their thickness and type can be individually selected.Glass light bowls can be decorated with any sanded pattern, or painted (manual painting).

Our lamps and furniture can be found in many art galleries in Europe and the USA.

It is possible to collect them in Krakow and Warsaw (free of charge).For other destinations, we provide transport with our own vehicles.The cost of such transport can be negotiated.

On the Client’s request, we can also ship our products via transport companies.

The cost of packaging and transport shall be borne by the Buyer.


You are welcome to view our offer of lamps and decorations.

For furniture, visit our website:


If the presented lamps and furniture do not meet your expectations, please, send us your design or visualisation.We will provide you with valuation and description of the possibility of making such lamps or furniture.

In order to provide you with precise price, please state the size of the lamp you are interested in. We can also manufacture lamps according to your design.


You are also welcome to visit our Gallery where we present models (Poland, Krakow, address: ul. Kluzeka1).

Please, arrange an appointment at the Gallery by phone.We are open

seven days per week, at any time interval.

 The meeting shall also be an opportunity for direct contact and assessing the quality of our products.


Following the genius - J.E Ruhlmann, ‘we care that our products should express the unity of art: from architecture, through painting, sculpture, to furniture and decorative fabric.’


Yours faithfully,